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Tor Norbye (Google), Carl Quinn (Netflix), Dick Wall (Escalate), Chet Haase (Google)
Just a quick note to say that all of the sessions were recorded from the Roundup and will be released soon as podcasts. I am still working through the details of how to release them (bandwidth being the major consideration, and also not saturating the regular podcast channel - it is likely there will be a second channel just for the roundup sessions). Links and notes will accompany the episodes.

The quality is perfectly audible for the sessions but will not be as good as regular Posse episodes - rather than encumber people with microphones and speaking orders, the recorders were just placed in the middle of the room to pick up whatever was said (plus some ambient noise).

Anyway - rest assured that every session we recorded will go out as a podcast and we have no interest in holding them back. Any delay will be due to a combination of available bandwidth and my time in processing the audio to enhance the quality as much as possible.


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