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As I mentioned on the last Java Posse podcast, our planned JavaOne party fell through due to no one's fault but my own (too busy with new company, let things go unmanaged too long, etc.). We will make up for it at Devoxx this year, but in the meantime we will instead have a get together tonight (Monday 1st Oct) at Kate O'Brien's Irish Pub in San Francisco. Because of another thing going on, we won't be out there until 11ish but that shouldn't stop you getting into the mood before we arrive if you want to.

Kate O'Brien's details are here:

We will aim to be there by 11, but could be a shade later depending on circumstances beyond our control. Rest assured that we will put in a showing however, we might even get there early - stranger things have happened.

Thanks, and sorry for dropping the ball on a more official presence at JavaOne - all I will say is that being your own boss is a surprising amount of work.

Dick Wall

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