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Shownotes for episode 22 - Newscast for 12/23/2005
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Shownotes for episode 21 - Newscast for 12/16/2005
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Shownotes for episode 20 - Newscast for 12/9/2005
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Shownotes for episode 19 - Interview with Burr Sutter

Burr is the president of the Atlanta Java Users Group (AJUG), he also heads up the Atlanta Chapter of  the International Association of Software Architects (IASA).
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Shownotes for episode 18 - Newscast for 12/2/2005
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Shownotes for episode 17 - Interview with Tom Copeland about PMD
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Shownotes for episode 16 - Newscast for 11/25/2005
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Shownotes for episode 14 - Interview with Jonathan Schwartz of Sun Microsystems
President and COO of Sun Microsystems joins us for a chat about Sun and Java
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Shownotes for episode 13 - Newscast for 11/11/2005
We have a mobile news roundup this week as well:
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