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Tor Norbye (Google), Carl Quinn (Netflix), Dick Wall (Escalate), Chet Haase (Google)
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Shownotes for episode 14 - Interview with Jonathan Schwartz of Sun Microsystems
President and COO of Sun Microsystems joins us for a chat about Sun and Java
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Shownotes for episode 13 - Newscast for 11/11/2005
We have a mobile news roundup this week as well:
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Shownotes for episode 12 - Interview with Cedric Beust of Google
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Shownotes for episode 11 - Newscast for 11/04/2005
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Shownotes for Episode 10 - Newscast for 10/28/2005
Another quick dip into the beginners world:
The Java Posse would like to thank:
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Shownotes for Episode #009 - Interview with Josh Bloch of Google

Josh Bloch is a well known Java visionary and speaker. In addition to his numerous contributions to the JDK, which include the Java util collections library, he has served on a number of JSRs such as 166 (Concurrency Utilities), 175 (Metadata, or annotations) and 201 (Enumerations, Autoboxing, the new for loops and static importing). Josh has also written two books on Java: "Effective Java" (which won a jolt award), and "Java Puzzlers" (the latter with Neal Gafter). He currently works for Google having moved there from Sun after the release of Java 5.

Please Note: We know the audio quality of this episode is perhaps not the best, but the quality of the content more than makes up for it. Sometimes you are simply limited by what Skype can do. Everything is audible, and the volume is as even as we could make it.
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Shownotes for Episode 8 - Newscast for 10/20/2005
Please help us spread the word about the Java Posse - link people to and please blog or post the information on Java related groups. We want to re-connect with the javacast listeners.
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Shownotes for Java Posse #7 - Interview with Cameron Purdy of Tangosol
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Shownotes for Java Posse #006
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