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Roundup '10 - Design vs Engineering

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Recorded at the Java Posse Roundup 2010 in Crested Butte, CO. A discussion about the schism between design and engineering, and how it can be bridged.


The Java Posse consists of Tor Norbye, Carl Quinn, Joe Nuxoll and Dick Wall

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"Google IO" cast for May 28th 2010

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The Java Posse consists of Tor Norbye, Carl Quinn, Joe Nuxoll and Dick Wall

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Bay Area JUG Roundup Live

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Recorded and streamed live from the Bay Area JUG roundup at Oracle on Wednesday 12th May, and released in podcast audio form afterwards.


The Java Posse consists of Tor Norbye, Carl Quinn, Joe Nuxoll and Dick Wall

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This is the last time a BASE announcement will appear on the JavaPosse site, but we are just getting going and I missed the chance to talk about it in the last podcast because we were still sorting out a room.

The next BASE (Bay Area Scala Enthusiasts) meeting will take place on June 10th in Kazan, Building 40, at the Googleplex in Mountain View. We are going to meet in the lobby of building 40 at 6.15pm and sign everyone in to get started at 6.30pm. We have a large board room now, which should be more conducive to talk and hacking (and should have enough power outlets for people to bring their laptops). This will be the first real BASE meeting (i.e. one where we actually talk about Scala), and there is no set agenda. Come with ideas, questions and a willingness to learn.

Future meetings will be held in the same location and same time on the second Tuesday of each month.

Also, please consider subscribing to the Google group for updates:


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Meet up details for Oslo and Amsterdam

If anyone is interested, Carl and Dick will be in front of the Spektrum in Oslo (where the JavaZone conference was held) at the entrance where the rocket ship was (still is?) tonight (Friday 14th) at 8pm local time. We are intending to go looking for beer and possibly lutefisk. Anyone who wants to is welcome to meet up with us.

Also, tomorrow (Saturday 15th) Dick is aiming to be in Molly Malone's Irish Pub close to the Amsterdam Centraal station at around 8.30pm to 9pm (very roughly - depends on flight, time to find baggage, etc.) so if anyone would like to meet me there, please do.

Molly Malones Irish Pub
Oudezijds Kolk 9
1012 AL Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Important Information for Tonight's BoF

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Just a quick note to say that all of the sessions were recorded from the Roundup and will be released soon as podcasts. I am still working through the details of how to release them (bandwidth being the major consideration, and also not saturating the regular podcast channel - it is likely there will be a second channel just for the roundup sessions). Links and notes will accompany the episodes.

The quality is perfectly audible for the sessions but will not be as good as regular Posse episodes - rather than encumber people with microphones and speaking orders, the recorders were just placed in the middle of the room to pick up whatever was said (plus some ambient noise).

Anyway - rest assured that every session we recorded will go out as a podcast and we have no interest in holding them back. Any delay will be due to a combination of available bandwidth and my time in processing the audio to enhance the quality as much as possible.


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Are you interested in attending the Java Posse BoF (Birds of a Feather)?

The Java Posse Birds of a Feather session has been confirmed for Tuesday May 16th at 10.30PM in Olympic.
If you are interested in attending, please help us out by adding a comment to this blog entry with a +1 in it (please put the +1 here rather than in the comments area for the podcast). This will help us get the numbers straight for beer and other considerations.

Thanks all
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