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Tor Norbye (Google), Carl Quinn (Netflix), Dick Wall (Escalate), Chet Haase (Google)
About the Java Posse

Since folks have been asking... The Java Posse is a group of four veteran Java software architects that know eachother well, love to talk about Java technology (and technology in general), and happen to have a bad habit of recording audio stuff and publishing it on the web.

The Java Posse was incepted by Dick Wall (New Energy Associates) as a follow-on the the short-lived JavaCast podcast. He rounded up Tor Norbye (Sun Microsystems) and Carl Quinn (Google) to start things off as a trio. Around episode 25, the Java Posse grew by 33 1/3% adding a fourth member, Joe Nuxoll (Apple). Tor, Carl, and Joe worked together at Sun Microsystems for a while with Dick being a major customer at the time - thus they all shared a common context. Carl and Joe overlapped for many years before at Borland in the beginning years of Java.

The Java Posse members are now all spread out in the software industry and have many different viewpoints on different aspects of Java technology. It makes for fun conversation at times! They also wear really large hats, which is the real reason that folks listen.

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