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Roundup ‘13 The Puppet Ecosystem

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Recorded at the Java Posse Roundup in Crested Butte, CO

Configuration Management Tool (open source) :




Using Puppet/Chef with Git

Running "headless" (no server)

   Puppet Apply

   Chef solo

Baking the master image

   VMware or VirtualBox for test prod

   Vagrant  for developer env.

Running the system



Editor for Puppet/Chef:


   Gepeto (A Puppet IDE based on Eclipse)

Other tools from then Ecosystem




   Puppet Dashboard

Puppet offers integration with Nagios monitoring tool, and its common fork (Icinga, Shinken)

Running Puppet on the JVM with JRuby

Book recommendation: ProPuppet

OpsWork, Chef based tooling for Amazon


    • Opening "Java" the parody song Copyright 1997 Broken Records and Marjorie Music Publ. (BMI),

    • Closing Juan Carlos Jimenez In the House (Intro No. 1)

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The Java Posse consists of Tor Norbye, Carl Quinn, Chet Haase and Dick Wall

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