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Java Posse Episode 142 - Special from JavaZone 2007

Velkommen til Episode 142 av Java Posse - Ekstrasending fra JavaZone 2007!

Top reasons indicating you might be on a Broken Project:

  • It takes three months to add one checkbox to a web UI
  • Everything starts to look like it would be quicker to rewrite
  • Everyone on the project has "Architect" on their business card, and yet they never agree on anything!
  • Conversations start with "Oh, that, that's really simple, you just...." followed by a 30 minute description on what to do
  • You time your life around "the build"
  • The GUI is written in AWT... or HTML 3.2
  • Or! The GUI is written in something you wrote yourself
  • The project .... is a home grown web framework
  • Someone just added 5 more hours of meetings to your work week because "it's late"
  • The guy who is supposed to train you, throws a folder of notes at you and runs away cackling gleefully
  • The lines of XML outnumber the lines of Java 10:1
  • You ask about unit tests and get blank stares from everyone, or a "yeah, we should do that really"


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