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200 Episodes of the Java Posse

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A look back at the first 200 (ish) episodes of the Java Posse

WARNING: This podcast is LONG, and it does not cover any Java news. You have been warned! We ran to about 1 hour 45 minutes and had a blast. This episode will be particularly useful to you if you have not listened to all of our episodes, since we discuss milestones, interviewees, highlights and other standout material you might not have heard before.

In particular, many of the interviews we have done in the past are still relevant today, and cover information people have been asking for recently!

We have provided links to the interviews and roundup sessions below. For links to other episodes please look on the right side of the Java Posse site - - where our archives are organized by month, or use the search (top right) to find an episode number or subject.

All Interviews from the Start

Roundup Sessions


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